SVEN will grow with your kids

Sleek and smart foldable electric pedal car without a single weld boosted by powerful electric motor assistance and outstanding safety features for adults and kids. What else is there?

  • Battery and charging systemCharge up at home or at any gas station with an electric car charging station. SVEN comes with a charger, with two options for battery capacity and charger power:
    basic charger that takes approximately 8 hours to fully charge (24V/2A) and a battery of 20A
    fast charger that takes around 2 hours to fill up (24V/20A) and battery of 40A
  • Light systemFull lights, blinkers and a reflective system to keep you visible no matter how the weather turns out on your trip. All the lights are under a phosphorus layer so SVEN lights up as soon there is a ray of light shone on it.
  • Advanced brakes systemBrakes controlled by pedals and disc brakes controlled by handles behind the steering wheel to safely manage any unpredictable situation.
  • Distance sensorsWorried about parking? SVEN is equipped with 4 front and 2 rear distance sensors for comfortable and safe parking.
  • Powerful motorDo you like to drive uphill? Save some energy for the rest of the trip. Just kick the pedals and a powerful electric motor (up to 2,2kW) can instantly assist you.
  • Smart touchscreen dashboardMultifunctional steering wheel with a touchscreen dashboard that lets you watch/control multiple functions at once: (un)lock, cruise control, assistance level, light system, sensors, brake system, current speed, battery levels and endurance distance. All of it at one glance.
  • Front suspensionAre you thinking of taking SVEN on a trail date? He's ready thanks to separate front suspension that will provide soft rolling.
  • Front trunkPacking for a trip? SVEN has a sweet storage spot to offer - a front trunk or the seat's dedicated handles to hang your bag.
  • Turn on/off + lock functionTo wake up SVEN or put him into sleep mode is simple: turn on the ESC button in the front trunk to turn the system on and then type your PIN into the steering wheel dashboard. Alternatively, taking off the steering wheel will lock SVEN away from any user.
  • Materials usedThe frame is made of lightweight and durable aluminum. All the printed parts are produced (designed to be made) from environmentally friendly carbon fiber - especially durable, strong and low-priced.
  • FoldableYES, it is an electric pedal car that you can fold. With his humble folded measurements of 0.7m x 0.9m x 1.2m/ 275.6 x 354.3 x 472.5 inches he will be a good fit for the car's trunk or a shelf in storage.
  • SpecsThis vehicle is a street-legal electric pedal car that does not require a license or registration. Choose from the Standard version (8 hours charging) and Comfort version (only 2 hours charging).


Full size: 0.7m x 0.9mx 1.8m/ 275.6 x 354.3 x 709

Folded: 0.7m x 0.9m x 1.2m/ 275.6 x 354.3 x 472.5


SVEN can be used by anyone from the age of 7 (135-198 cm / 53-78 inches tall and up to 110kg/240lb.)