A 3D printed electric pedal car...... Hold on a minute!

Yes, you read it correctly. An electric Pedal Car. Just like an electric bike, only on four wheels.

SVEN is a unique, 3D printed, electric pedal car, so easy to use that even your 7-year-old can do it. SVEN is a family e-pedal car - it cannot drive them all at once, but it is easily adjustable and can adapt to wide range of human (and probably alien) sizes in just a minute.

It can join your sporty fleet assembled or not. It is also possible for you to let your genius shine and 3D print 70% of SVEN yourself at home. All the spare parts can be 3D printed at home following our designs.

You will love SVEN

if you are looking for a vehicle that

  • Let's you try out a new activity
  • Connects you with your family, kids and friends
  • Puts your geeky side to the test
  • Takes you on a rare outdoor adventure
  • Let's you spend time outside in a fun new way
  • Let's you commute to work in a green way
SVEN - Go off the beaten path

Imagine you're on a road trip and SVEN is securely sitting in your car trunk. You stop at the end of the road. Get you SVEN out of the trunk, unfold it, activate it on your steering wheel dashboard, and you are ready to go. As SVEN has dumpers on all four corners, suspension and engine provides stable performance and steering on all kinds of terrain.

SVEN - up to 25km/h

You can put the pedal to the metal and hit the official limit of 15 miles/25km per hour using your own muscle, or let the powerful electric motor help you as on a regular electric bike.

Braking can be done manually, with »ears« behind the steering wheel, or you can let the smart SVEN do its magic and slow you down with automatic assisted pedal braking, which also generates back electricity and extends your range.

If you use just e-power, the battery will last you for very respectable 37 miles/60km. Then the battery icon flashes on the steering wheel dashboard, and you need to head to the nearest filling station to charge up. Charging cables are neatly packed in the frunk and are always with you.

When the sun goes down and you turn on the lights, you´re visible and safe, coming home full of new adventures. You can tightly park thanks to the distance sensors. Once parked, you remove the steering wheel with one click, so your SVEN can not be driven away by anybody uninvited.

SVEN - Distance sensors and one-click remove steering wheel

Later that night, while watching your favorite Marvel movie, it starts raining. You think of SVEN, and if you should bring him in. No need. SVEN is completely water-resistant.

But he’s compact and a member of the family, right? So, you decide to bring him in. Fold him up (0.7m x 0.9m x 1.2m) and put him on the garage shelf.

SVEN - Water resistant. Compatible with both children and adults

Do you like to spend time with your little ones outdoors? They will love to spend it with you and SVEN. It's so intuitive that even 7-year-olds can take the wheel.

With SVEN they will become your partner in pedal crime. Worried they will go too far or too fast? We've got that covered with the parental remote control. The control lets you disable the electric power in SVEN's motor, so they can only go as far as they are willing to pedal.

SVEN will grow with your kids

SVEN will grow with your kid and adjust to you and your friends. You can adjust the lightweight aluminum frame, seat, and steering wheel. Is comfortably adjustable for anyone - from 122 to 198 cm /53-78 inches in height and it can carry a person up to 110kg/240lbs of weight.


Initially, SVEN was just a little pet project to create a smart e-pedal car for personal use. But as the project grew, we wanted it to be safe for our family and friends, we had a vision of making it the first transport vehicle of this size, that is fitted with:

  • 4 front and 2 rear distance sensors for safe driving and parking. It will warn you with lights and sound when they detect an obstacle
  • Full lights, blinkers, and a reflective system that makes you visible in all conditions so you can enjoy evening rides too
  • Advanced brake system with disc brakes
  • Automatic assistance levels for a smooth ride while pedaling
  • Multifunctional steering wheel with touchscreen dashboard that lets you watch/control multiple functions at once: (un)lock, cruise control, assistance level, light system, sensors, brake system, current speed, battery levels and endurance distance
SVEN will grow with your kids

Homemade or ready to use? You choose. Whether you’re a 3D printing enthusiast or just want to drive from the very first moment, we´ve got you covered. SVEN was designed so you can also enjoy it as a project. Design is sleek, without a single weld, easy to assemble and fun to use.

As green as you are keen

A 3D printing for a greener approach

How do these two go together? When designing SVEN, we wanted it to last forever. We designed it, to be a hybrid powered vehicle, but also minimize the emission footprint.

That could be only achieved if we reduced the emissions from every area connected to production and transportation.

  • Ready
    to use
    completely assembled electric pedal car
  • Ready
    we deliver all components, and you can assemble SVEN yourself, it's so easy you can even invite your kids to join you
  • DIY
    we deliver parts, designs, and the assembled construction with electronic gear, you 3D print the parts and assemble SVEN at home (70% of the car can be 3D printed from our designs, in CAD formats)

We believe in community and free knowledge sharing. The community around SVEN will gain access to the spare part designs, so you can mend your car any time at home. If you are seeking even more of a challenge, there will be several 3D modelled parts releases so you can customize SVEN using 3D printing and CNC.